We know that social lettings agencies are an area of interest to many of our colleagues working in local authorities and charities across the UK. We also know that there are very few examples of successful working models, particularly long term models like the one we have been running for the last ten years, and a lack of consultants with this specific expertise.

If you are looking for an innovative housing solution or have a tired scheme that needs a rethink, we can accommodate requests for specialist consultancy projects relating to the development of Social Lettings Agencies. This could include, but is not limited to;

  • Feasibility studies into the viability of a Social Lettings Agency model in your area
  • Project planning the stages of your Social Lettings Agency set up
  • Help with the recruitment and training of your Social Lettings Agency specific staff
  • Private landlord and stakeholder engagement
  • The set-up of your Social Lettings Agency processes and procedures
  • In house training courses on how to set up a Social Lettings Agency
  • Provision of IT solutions for the management of your Social Lettings Agency
  • Ongoing monitoring of the performance of your Social Lettings Agency through peer reviews and tenant/landlord satisfaction measures

As a community interest company we operate on a not for profit basis with all of our income reinvested back into the communities we serve. By using our consultancy services you are not lining the profits of private consultancy firms but supporting families and individuals at a time when they are most in need.

Depending on your individual needs your consultancy project would be lead by either Mike Rangecroft or Georgina Summerfield.

For more information or an informal chat please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form, emailing or calling 01483 429157.

Ethical Lettings were fantastic at helping us plan our social letting agency. They gave invaluable support and guidance and are always on hand to answer queries. We recommend their services to anyone looking to start their own ethical letting agency.

Gravesham Borough Council

Mike Rangecroft

Mike has worked in Housing and Environmental Health since 1988, managing various Private Sector Housing, Housing Strategy, Housing Standards and Housing Advice Teams within Surrey and London Local Authorities. Since 2006, he has been running his own consultancy firm, Inside Housing Solutions Ltd. Mike is an expert in carrying out social lettings agency feasibility studies, including project managing the development of new social lettings agencies. Mike also has extensive experience consulting with stakeholders and reviewing housing schemes to ensure they are as effective as possible.

As an expert in his field his views on social lettings agencies are often sought out and he has in the past been consulted on the development of a pan London social lettings agency and more recently on the Crisis development of a social lettings agency franchise model.

Mike is the author of Social Lettings Agency guide – How to Plan, Develop, Launch and Sustain an Income Generating Social Lettings Agency, which he wrote in partnership with Crisis in 2015.

Mike has worked on the feasibility and development of a number of social lettings agency over the last ten years, most notably Lettings Waltham Forest and ABC Lettings. Most recently Mike has been working on an exciting new lettings agency approach with Gravesham Borough Council.

You can contact Mike via our contact form or email

Georgina Summerfield

Georgina founded Ethical Lettings in 2012. She has successfully developed it over the past 10 years to a thriving Agency managing a portfolio of over 200 properties across twelve Local Authorities and operating a guaranteed rental budget of over £2.5M per annum.

Georgina is a hands on Director, continuing to work directly with Agency clients in order to understand the on the ground experiences of landlords and tenants. Georgina has worked in the Private Rented Sector for over 20 years, previously holding roles in Local Authority, a Landlords’ Association and homeless charity. She is an expert in developing innovative and sustainable Private Sector Access schemes.

Georgina is the author of Local Lettings Agencies: A Good Practice Guide – Providing Access to the Private Rented Sector while Generating Income which she wrote in 2011 whilst working for the homeless charity, Crisis.

Georgina has experience in delivering a variety of consultancy projects including carrying out tenant satisfaction surveys, writing and consulting on homelessness strategies, developing social lettings agency feasibility studies, social lettings agency training days and project management of setting up new social lettings agencies.

Georgina has an MSc in Housing and Regeneration from London School of Economics and a Diploma in Housing from the Chartered Institute of Housing.

You can contact Georgina via our contact form or email