Welcome to your new home

We’d like to warmly welcome you to your Ethical Lettings home. We’re here to help you settle in and to support you to have a great tenancy. This page and our welcome brochure explain what you can expect from us as your landlord and what we expect from you.

This page will help you get to know how Ethical Lettings work with you to maintain a successful tenancy but we recommend that you either contact Ethical Lettings and ask for a printed copy of the welcome brochure or download it from this page and print it out. The printed version has lots of helpful features which will help you gather all the information you need to maintain your tenancy in one place.

What you can expect from us

Settling into your new home

Soon after you move into your new home, we’ll visit you to see how you’re settling in and find out whether you need any help with things like benefits, family support, repairs etc. Moving home can be stressful and involves a lot of change.

Ongoing support

We want you to feel supported throughout your tenancy. If you have any problems or worries, you can get in touch with the tenancy support team and we’ll be pleased to help. We’ll also visit you regularly to see how you’re doing and to ensure you’re getting the support you need.

Help with benefits and rent concerns

Our financial manager can look into any financial query you may have about your rent, Housing Benefit or Universal Credit. Call or email the office if you have any financial queries.

Tenant resources and tools on our website

Take a look around the web pages for tenants for tips, information, and tools to help you enjoy a great tenancy. We also recommend that you bookmark the tenants page for easy access in the future.


In any home things go wrong from time to time. We can’t promise to prevent issues arising but we’re here to help when they do.

Non-emergency repairs and issues

Make a report online or call us and we’ll help you troubleshoot the issue or arrange for someone to come and sort it out for you within a reasonable timeframe.

Emergency repairs

We’ll always deal with issues that create a risk to our tenants’ security, safety or health urgently. If you have an emergency, call us on 01483 429157 during office hours or text 07523 165956 out of hours.

What we expect from you

We have a few expectations of our tenants and these are explained below. Please read this section carefully and discuss any concerns or questions with us.

Live in a shared property?

If you share a property with others, you’ll need to complete our Contract for Shared Houses. Your property manager at Ethical Lettings will have given you a copy of the Contract when you moved in, if you need another copy please contact us.

Ask for help

We want you to enjoy a settled and happy life in your property. So, if a problem arises that could affect your tenancy, always get in touch as soon as you can. Our experienced team is here to help with many matters including problems with money, the property, family, sharers and neighbours. If we can’t help, we’ll refer you to someone who can.

Take care of the property and your neighbours and report any repairs that are needed

  1. Clean and maintain the property, including any outside space
  2. Report repairs and other issues to us as soon as possible
  3. Be considerate of your sharers and neighbours
  4. Don’t play loud music or make other loud noises that cause a nuisance to others
  5. Keep your rent and utility accounts up to date and when we or the Housing Benefit Department ask you for information provide this as soon as possible
  6. Take responsibility for your guests and limit any overnight visits to one person at a time for up to two nights per week maximum. This is a privilege which is given at our discretion. If guests are a nuisance to sharers or neighbours, this privilege will be revoked
  7. Allow access to your property for our routine inspections. We will give you 24 hours notice. If you don’t respond or don’t provide access, we will write to you giving you 24 hours notice that we will access the property using our keys
  8. Don’t change the locks unless agreed with us. If you must add any locks to your property, ask for permission and provide us with keys.

Behaviour that we won’t tolerate

The following types of behaviour, by you or your guests, can lead to immediate eviction:

  1. Using or storing drugs in the property
  2. Anti-social behaviour, violence, discrimination, harassment, bullying
  3. Aggression towards our staff
  4. Failing to pay rent or bills
  5. Holding parties at the property.

How to report repairs and issues with your property

You can report an issue to us online or email info@ethical-lettings.com.

For the fastest possible result, email us adding as much detail as possible to your report and include photos – you can upload files on the second page of the online report.

For out of hours emergencies: text 07523 165956

Signing your contract with Ethical Lettings

As part of your new tenancy we ask that you sign and return a copy of the welcome brochure. If you need another copy please contact us or download and print a copy.


Give us your feedback

Please tell us how we can improve this page. You can leave feedback online.