Guaranteed Rent

Whether you’re a landlord looking to balance risk in your portfolio or want a simple hassle-free solution for your property, Ethical Lettings gives you peace of mind that your rent will arrive when it’s due. It can take just a week from first enquiry to first payment.

We currently guarantee over £2 million of rent per year to landlords and we have never missed a payment.

Give us a call on 01483 429157 or continue reading to find out more.

What do I need?

Is my property suitable?

We are looking for all types of properties across the South East of England. Contact us to find out more.

What standard does my property need to be?

Your property should comply with all relevant private rented sector legislation and be in good decorative order. We prefer properties to be unfurnished with white goods provided. However, if you have furnishings that you are willing to donate to families in need then we may be able to accommodate this.

What paperwork do I need?

You should have a current landlord’s buildings insurance policy, an up to date gas safety certificate (if applicable) and an energy performance certificate.

How does it work?

What’s the first step?

First we visit your property to assess its suitability and agree your guaranteed rent offer. Then, as soon as we receive your energy performance certificate and gas safety certificate (if applicable), we can get you into payment.

Is there a deposit?

We provide a deposit bond agreement of 1.5 times the guaranteed monthly rent to safeguard against any tenancy damage. We have a low claim rate, with the majority of claims made for professional cleaning, carpet cleaning and appliance cleaning at the end of tenancies.

How often do you visit properties?

The regularity of our visits is largely dependent on the support needs of the tenant living in the property, but the minimum is every four months. We will send you an inspection report each time we visit your property.

How do you keep a check on my property’s condition?

An independent check-in inventory is completed at our cost at the start of each tenancy. This allows us to monitor the condition of the property. At the end of the tenancy an independent check-out inventory at our cost will be completed and any recommendations made by the clerk form the basis of any deposit bond claims that may be required.

What happens if you need to evict someone?

In the first instance, we will advise you of any problems we’re experiencing and outline our proposed course of action. If an eviction is necessary then we will deal with all legal proceedings and bailiffs at our cost while paying your guaranteed rent.

Guaranteed Rent

How can you guarantee my rent?

Because we’re funded by the Local Authorities with whom we work, we’re able to offer our landlords fee-free guaranteed rent services.

Have you ever missed a payment?

Not once.