Your rent increase

We understand that everyone’s costs are rising and we’re here to support you during your rent increase.

Why have I been issued with a rent increase?

As you will be aware, the cost of living crisis is affecting businesses as well as individuals and we have had to look again at the rents we are currently charging for our tenancies. This is because the cost of continuing to secure your property for you, along with our costs of supporting you within your tenancy, have risen.

Is my rent increase affordable?

We have spent a considerable amount of time looking at each individual tenancy prior to issuing any increase. Where possible we have looked to increase rents in line with the benefit rates (Local Housing Allowance rates) for your area and size of property so that all or most of your rent increase can be covered within your benefit allowance. If you are already paying at the benefit level rate for the area, we have tried to ensure that any increase is small and manageable within your monthly income.

How is my rent increase issued?

Your rent increase will be issued in one of two ways, you will either receive a new 12-month Tenancy Agreement or you will receive a rent increase notice (known as a Section 13 Notice on Form 4).

New Tenancy Agreement

If your rent increase is issued via a new Tenancy Agreement, you will be asked to sign a new Tenancy Agreement by electronic signature. This will be delivered by email. As this creates a new tenancy, you will also receive all relevant certificates for your property (Gas Safety, Electrical Safety and Energy Performance). The new rent will start from the start date of the new Tenancy Agreement and, while dates will vary from tenant to tenant, you will be given one month’s notice.

Rent increase notice

If your rent increase is issued by way of a Section 13 Notice on Form 4 you will be given at least one month’s notice. The date that the rent increase will start is given in point 4 of the notice.

What should I do with the rent increase?

This depends on whether you are receiving Housing Benefit or Universal Credit and how your rent is paid.

Receiving Housing Benefit?

If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit, you should provide a copy of your rent increase notice or renewed Tenancy Agreement to your local Housing Benefit Department as soon as possible.

Receiving Universal Credit?

Universal Credit does not allow you to change your circumstances in advance, so a little preparation and planning is needed.

When you are issued with the rent increase, we recommend you add a note on your journal to tell your work coach that a change in rent is coming and ask them to ensure that direct rent payments to the landlord stay in place during the change.

You could use your calendar on your phone or set a reminder to help make sure you report the change on the correct day. As explained above, this date will depend on the way you are issued with your increase.

New Tenancy Agreement?

You need to report the change on the start date of your new agreement.

Rent increase notice?

You need to report the change on the date shown in point 4 of the notice.

How to report the change in rent

Log onto your journal, choosing “Report a change” and then choose “Where you live and what it costs”. Record the new rent value there and you will be asked to upload a copy of your rent increase notice or new Tenancy Agreement. You will also be asked to upload proof of your address, for example a photo of a recent utility bill.

Please contact us to let us know you have completed reporting the change. If you need an electronic version of your notice or a copy of your new Tenancy Agreement, just let us know.

Paying rent directly to Ethical Lettings?

If you are paying rent directly to us each month via your own standing order, please update your standing order amount with your bank for the first payment after your rent increase starts.

If you are paying by the GoCardless system, we will issue you with a new payment link.

If you pay us from Universal Credit payments for your housing costs directly, you will need to change the standing order amount and follow the steps above to change the rent amount with Universal Credit.

Worried about your rent increase?

Our support team can offer tenancy support and advice with your rent increase. If you are worried about your rent increase or need further help with taking the steps above please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us on 01483 429157, send us a WhatsApp on 07803 485185 or complete our contact form.